It’s just one workout

If you don’t have an indoor track available, you may need to let a workout or two go in winter

This time of the year, many of us face challenges. Whether the issue is the weather, illness, stress outside of running, or whatever else, sometimes things don’t happen as we planned. A run gets missed. A long run day becomes an easy day. A workout simply doesn’t go as planned.

These things happen to all of us. I hope we are all trying to minimize these occurrrences but it’s almost inevitable that a whole training cycle is not going to go perfectly as planned.A lot of people get concerned when they miss a day or a workout doesn’t go as planned. We need to stop doing this to ourselves.

A well designed plan does not place such importance on any single run that, if you miss it or it doesn’t go right, you’re doomed. A well designed plan builds in some flexibility because the designer of the plan knows things don’t always go as planned.

So don’t worry if you miss a day or two due to illness. Don’t panic if snow on workout day means you have to settle for an easy run instead of the workout. If the plan you are following is well designed, you’ll still get in the work you need.

And, if everything goes perfectly, know you’re more than prepared for the task at hand.

Photo credit: Track Workout Jan 4_0006 by Nathan Atkinson, on Flickr

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