Keep at it

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I’ve seen some notes from several runners in the past couple of weeks, expressing frustration as they push through this winter’s training. I know the feeling, I’ve been experiencing the challenges myself.

Winter training is tough. You’re probably facing both weather challenges and, at times, traction challenges with snow and ice. If you’re like me, you’re not racing as much if at all during the winter months so the motivation of an upcoming race isn’t driving you. Depending on your “running personality” you might feel that the base training you’re likely doing is dull and boring. Combined with the fact that you’re base training, not peaking for a race, you’re also running slower than you recall running this past fall when you were nearing your peak.

Understand that this is a tough period. Accept the challenges, then push through. Because the work you are doing now is the foundation for the faster running and race day successes that will come later. The strength and stamina you build now will determine the baseline for how much faster work you can do later and how much you can get out of it without your body breaking down.

Keep at it. You can do it!

What do you do to get yourself through the tough winter months? I’d love to hear some ideas in the comments. I’ll share some things I do in the comments later.

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