LCHF charts, stress fracture warning signs

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LCHF charts

I’ve written about low carb, high fat (LCHF) diets previously (see here and here for examples of what I’ve written before, there may be more). However, people still question me about this. Can’t you teach your body to burn enough fat to never have to worry about running out of fuel.

As I stated previously, the evidence suggests the answer to that is no for most runners.

Well, here’s more evidence. This study looked at elite race walkers and followed what happened with them after 3 weeks of three different diets (high carb, “periodized” carb, and low carb high fat). The three charts at that link summed up the result pretty well.

1) The LCHF group burned a lot more fat after completing the LCHF period.

2) The LCHF group burned more oxygen to complete a 50K race (they were less efficient).

3) The LCHF group was the only group to not improve their 10K performances over the course of the study.

In short, the LCHF group could burn more fat but, due apparently to losses in efficiency, they didn’t get faster while both other groups did.

Stress fracture warning signs

To me, stress fractures are possibly the most scary running injury. Why wouldn’t a broken bone be?

What if we had a list of warning signs to tell us when the risk of stress fractures is higher? Well, we do. This is a list of warning signs for female runners and some are gender specific but I suspect those that are not gender specific would be helpful for everyone.

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