Looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018 at HillRunner.com

Lots of code changes this year

While the first half of 2017 at HillRunner.com was pretty quiet, the second half was anything but. As usual, I’d like to take a moment to look back at 2017 at HillRunner.com and look forward to what, as of now, are my goals for HillRunner.com in 2018.

The Transition

Obviously, the biggest change at HillRunner.com was the complete rebuild of the site. I’ve tried to make this fact well known but, just in case you missed it, this was the first rebuild of HillRunner.com from the bottom up in its 18+ year history.

This change has been difficult. I have tried to take the primary difficulties on to myself and keep things as pain free as possible for you but I know I didn’t completely do that. I hope the transition hasn’t been too painful for you and I can’t express my level of gratitude for your patience during this time.

The good news is HillRunner.com will require much less technical work from my side. That means I can focus more on content. I can focus on what I want to, giving you more and better content and services to help you improve your running.

Also good news: I’ve removed all ads. I’m making another attempt at keeping HillRunner.com ad free. You may see some internal promotions creep in but so far, I’m seeing no need for those annoying Google ads to make a return.

Parallel to these changes also came a big increase in security and the protection of your data as it transfers to and from the server. You can double check on that by looking for the little padlock or the “Secure” message by the URL and ensuring that the URL begins with “https”.

New to the training log

The biggest change to the site outside of the whole transition was the addition of the A:C Training Ratio to the training log.

As has been well established, I hate the 10% myth. It’s far too simplistic to be useful. But it’s easy so it gets used and recommended often. This year, Alex Hutchinson wrote about the A:C Training Ratio, a method of tracking increases in training load that seems much more useful.

I thought this would have much greater utility than the simplistic 10% myth but recognized it would be more difficult to use. The solution? Let the computer do the calculation by adding it to the training log. You just watch the results and look for trends in your training.


What’s been hot on the blog? I took a look back at blog posts throughout the year. Here are a few of my favorites:

Be flexible (1/19/2017): A good reminder as we head into winter.

Showing up (4/6/2017): They say showing up is half the battle. In running, that may be an understatement.

We are all individuals (6/1/2017): No two individuals are the same. You shouldn’t expect your training needs to be exactly the same as anyone else.

How to keep a good training log (11/9/2017): Your training log is one of the most important tools you have as a runner. Make sure you make the most of it.

The truth is it’s hard to pick just a few of my favorites. I could look back at this year’s posts every day for the rest of the year and come up with a different list of 3-5 posts that I consider my favorites. If you have some time, I’d encourage you to browse this year’s posts.

What to expect in 2018?

I have a lot on my agenda for 2018.

First, I want to add new features to the site. I’m looking into a return of the forums. This actually may come before 2018 (in fact, it’s technically up but not ready to be added to the menu and officially announced, please don’t post there yet until it is). I’m considering a few possible enhancements to the training log. Those will most likely be my primary focus.

I’m also still working on ways to make HillRunner.com perform even better for you. From quashing bugs to creating more usable interfaces to optimizing for the fastest possible load times, I’m always looking for improvements to make your browsing experience better.

Most important, I want to put a lot of effort into content. I’m always looking to improve the quality of the blog posts. In addition, I’m going to be refocusing on videos for Club HillRunner.com members and I’m working on a plan to share some videos publicly, at least for a limited time.

With that, I’m looking forward to 2018 at HillRunner.com and I hope you are also!

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  1. Note: I made the announcement that the forums are back sooner than anticipated at the time of writing this post. So please visit, post, reply. I look forward to seeing you there!

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