Looking back at 2015, forward to 2016 at HillRunner.com

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A new year is just about here. It’s time to reflect on our accomplishments, running and otherwise. As a part of doing so, I wanted to offer a quick review of what I view are the key changes to take place in 2015 and what, as of now, I would say to expect in 2016.

Looking back at 2015

2015 may outwardly not have looked like a real big year. The biggest change, both visibly and internally, would be the addition of Club HillRunner.com. This is something that I had been thinking about for some time and very early last year began planning for. It finally arrived during the summer and has been slowly growing since.

What is so special about Club HillRunner.com? Well, it allows me to give you some things I’ve wanted to for some time like video demonstrations of various aspects of running and training and some new features within the site itself. It also allows for a little more direct communication and a members only community of like minded runners. The low membership fee allows me to justify the time and investment to make these new features available, while not being so expensive that it leaves a large amount of runners on the outside looking in.

The other big news coming out of 2015 would be my RRCA coaching certification. I’m proud to say that I’m now an RRCA Certified Running Coach.

Also going on through 2015 were many changes to try to improve both the reliability and performance of HillRunner.com. Of course, the biggest change was moving to a new host with faster and more reliable servers. I’ve seen errors drop significantly since this change and overall performance has seemed to improve.

Looking forward to 2016

So where does HillRunner.com go from here? Well, every year I start the year with a long list of what I’d like to see happen. The list always exceeds my available time and energy. Plus, of course, priorities always change. Every year, something always happens during the course of the year that becomes a new top priority and pushes something else down the list. However, I will run through a few of my top priorities as of now.

1) Videos!

I actually plan to release a video to Club HillRunner.com members this weekend and it will be one of many I intend to release in 2016. My goal is to release at least one video per month on average.

2) New training log features

I have a few ideas for improving the training log and taking it from the bare bones training log it is now to a more comprehensive log for those who wish for that, while keeping it simple and easy to use for those who want that. New features will first be made available to Club HillRunner.com members but certain ones will over time be made publicly available.

What would you like?

I’m serious! I would like to know what you would like to see at HillRunner.com. Please tell me what you would like to see happen here. If you want to share in the comments, I’d be glad to hear. Otherwise, I’ll be getting a survey together some time in January where you can anonymously share your thoughts on how HillRunner.com works for you and I’ll make sure to have a place in there for you to share your thoughts on what you’d like to see going on here.

So that’s the quick review of 2015 and preview of 2016 at HillRunner.com. I hope you appreciate what has been going on, even if you’re not a member of Club HillRunner.com and haven’t seen the bulk of what has been going on around here.

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