Monthly roundup: December 2017

Another month, another large number of articles read. A couple especially that caught my eye were a comparison between fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables and the benefits of lifting weights, not just for your running but for your health in general.

Is there a difference between fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables? Well, yes but not quite what you would expect. In the end, the best thing you can do is eat whatever will get you eating the most vegetables.

We know pollution is bad for us. We know exercising is good for us. So what has the bigger impact? Well, don’t let pollution stop you from exercising. Sure, avoiding pollution while exercising is ideal but exercising in pollution is better than not exercising at all.

We’re runners. We know that running can prolong our lives, right? Well, do you know that strength training can also prolong your life? For the record, size (muscle mass) doesn’t matter. Strength matters. Based on the numbers, it almost looks like being small but strong is actually better than being big and strong (though the most important thing is being strong and the difference between the small/strong and big/strong might fall within the margin of error).


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