October and November Updates

This article was originally posted by Ed at the original HillRunner.com Blogs.

October and November were nothing to write home about but this is a blog and not home – so . . .

October and November were about recovering from the racing season and getting back into running because I love to run. There was no structured training or pressure to get out the door. October saw 22 total runs and only 122 miles in a total of 974 minutes or 16.25 hours at an average pace of approximately 7:31 per mile. November was even lower with 17 runs and 97 miles in 739 minutes or 12.3 hours for an average pace of approximately 7:40 per mile.

December is going to be a nice little build-up and has started very well so far – hopefully the weather makes it easier to stay out there running through December, January and February. Once we hit March running outdoors gets easier and easier. But it would be nice to carry over most of last year’s training into the 2016 racing season.

I have plans to race much more in 2016 starting with the 5K Deer Run on April 23rd! It is a great course and I am hoping to crush my course record (19:22) by over a minute and lower my 5K personal record (18:30) by any amount as well. Who knows where things will go from there –

Get out there and do some running!

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