Phasing out ads

This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original Blogs.

Ads have been on for a long time. Most of us have probably just grown used to them and don’t even notice them. I had them around just to help cover costs and they served that purpose for a long time.

However, now with the coaching service offered, costs are covered. I think the ads take away from the site and the financial benefit just doesn’t seem significant enough to make them worthwhile anymore. So I decided it’s time to do away with them and save everyone’s eyes from that annoying clutter.

It’s possible that an ad or two will remain on select parts of the site but most of the site, if not all, will soon be ad free. I already took away the most frequently seen ads. It’s possible that some of the ads will be replaced by promotions for the coaching service but, for the most part, they will simply be replaced by content that will be more meaningful to all of us.

I hope you appreciate this change and it helps make a more friendly site to visit.

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