Sleep matters and compression gear: not so helpful?

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Sleep matters

We all know sleep matters, right? While there is no absolutely right amount of sleep that I can tell you everyone should get, generally, more is better. We can all accept that, right?

Well, charts of injury rates based on sleep have been floating around. The latest is posted on the Runner’s World Sweat Science blog:

Compression gear: not so helpful?

There are two reasons we see quoted for wearing compression gear: performance improvement and increased recovery. The New York Times Well blog looks at a recent study that suggests neither of these benefits may be real.

“Based upon the results of this study, lower-leg compression sleeves are unlikely to improve endurance running performance,” Dr. Stickford said.

A possible explanation is the placebo effect or maybe this was an anomaly. If it’s the placebo effect, though, I’d argue as I have before why not embrace it? Whether you benefit from something because it has an actual physiological benefit or because you simply believe it will help you, what does that matter? If you benefit, you benefit.

That said, this does add to our body of knowledge on the topic of compression garments. It will be interesting to see what future studies may hold in this realm.

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