Slowing down

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We don’t want to slow down, right? Unfortunately, we all know that there are those things that do slow us down. Two of those things? The hot sun and starting too fast. Well, here’s some information on how much the sunlight can slow us down as well as why fast starts slow us down.

How much does sunlight slow you down?

Answer: pretty much when it’s already hot outside.

This probably isn’t surprising but it’s a good reminder that the temperature and relative humidity aren’t the only things that matter. Cloud cover, or lack of, can make a big difference in what pace we can hold.

Why do fast starts slow you down?

We all know not to start too fast, right? It’s been drilled into us. Still, we occasionally do so by accident and pay the price. What’s happening when we make that mistake?

We might now have an answer.

It appears that, when you start fast, you are less efficient. In the case of the study at hand, the fast starters would be 3 minutes slower in an hour run or 8.5 minutes slower in a 2.5 hour run.

Does it really matter that efficiency is the reason we slow down? Probably not. The main thing is that we still know that going out too fast slows us down later. However, I always think it’s nice to know what’s going on and now we have a better picture of that.

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