Sugary fruit can lower your blood sugar? When to take ice baths?

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Sugary fruit can lower blood sugar?

Even though most Americans get way more sugar than we should, we all know the importance of reducing sugar intake to lower our blood sugar and reduce our risk of chronic diseases.

What if some sugary foods actually lowered our blood sugar levels, though? That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well, it might actually be true:

Fruits such as blueberry and mango may help with blood sugar regulation, even though they contain sugar. They may not have very strong effects like medications do, at least in isolation, but a diet rich in different plants may compound the benefits of any one single plant food.

It seems crazy on the face of things but, in a way, it makes sense. We evolved to eat natural foods like fruits. It makes sense that the sugar in fruits would not be harmful to us like the sugar in unnaturally processed food is.

So now we have another reason to enjoy fruits as a great snack or dessert.

When to take ice baths?

We have known for decades now that ice baths are good for recovery. However, as with many other methods to speed recovery, we now know that they may actually be detrimental during training because they will reduce the training response. In other words, you recover more quickly but you don’t gain as much fitness.

However, there are still some cases, such as shortly before a race, where ice baths can still be beneficial. Shortly before a race, you’re not trying to get additional training benefit. Your primary focus is on max recovery.

So when to take the ice bath and when to skip it? Here’s a handy cheat sheet.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. As always, I’m incredibly thankful for your support.

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