Summer training, fall results

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ImageTeam before an early fall race in 2013

What are you doing now to win this fall?

What you’re doing now will determine how your racing season goes this fall. Whether a "win" for you means winning a race, placing in your age group or reaching a time goal, the work you get in during the summer will go a long way toward determining whether you get that "win".

We all know distance running isn’t an instant gratification sport. You have to put in months of work to get good results. Well, check the calendar. Your fall race may be as little as two months out and surely isn’t more than five months out. You may have already hit the heart of your training schedule if you’re two months out. Even if you’re five months out, what you’re doing now will affect how hard you can work a few months from now when you are in the heart of your schedule.

So get out there. Make today count. Your fall racing season depends on it.

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