Thank YOU

A little different, maybe starting a new tradition. I wanted to thank all of you for making what it is. A lot has happened here over the past few months, much less the past year, and I appreciate every member of the community who has been a part of this journey.

To the kind souls who trust me to coach you, thank you for placing your trust in me. I work hard every day, whether or not you receive an email, to earn your trust. You drive me to be my best.

To the Club members, thank you for your interest in the additional tools and advice club membership offers.

To both above groups, I believe all of us owe a debt of gratitude. Without their financial support, would not be what it is. I wouldn’t be able to justify the amount of time I put into it without loading it up with annoying ads.

To Team members, thank you for representing this community as not just high performing runners but also great people. I’m incredibly proud of the people who, over the years, have represented at races.

To all visitors, thank you for being a part of the community. would be a very small community with just the above people. The community would be so small it would not survive. All of you, no matter what role you play in this community, make it what it is and keep it going.

Finally, a big thanks to my family. They may not be active members of the community and I try to make my time working on it impact our family life as little as possible but keeping it completely out of our family life would be impossible. They have always been very understanding and cooperative with whatever I’ve asked and I’m very grateful to them for that (as I hope everyone here is).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy your Turkey Trots if you’re participating, and I look forward to seeing this community continue to thrive and prosper long into the future.

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  1. Ryan , I appreciate all you do as webmaster and runner in chief. You and the postings here helped motivate me back after my foot and knee issues in 2015-16. I am proud to say after 13 months of pretty steady training post surgery that I am very near where I was 2.5 years ago. Age is not on my side, and my body won’t allow me to run every day. But I still enjoy the training, getting up early to greet the day with an early morning run. And the training did pay off on Thanksgiving when I ran a 5 mile Turkey Trot reach with my grown children. Ryan, please tell me how I can do a blog posting and I will put a race report up. Thank YOU for making this a place to learn a lot and share with others our running experiences. I am excited about 2018.

  2. Peter, I appreciate the kind words. I’m so happy that I could help you in whatever capacity I could.

    Enjoying the training and doing what we can to strive toward our goals is all we can ask for. We’re not pros here and I don’t think there are many here who can prioritize running above things like family and job. We do what we can with what we have and I hope have some fun along the way.

    Unfortunately, to cut down on spam and because the ability to make blog posts seemed extremely infrequently used, I removed the ability to create blog posts. I’m open to reconsidering or bringing the forum back into the fold in some capacity but, at this time, sorry. Nothing is available.

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