The running community is amazing

This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original Blogs.

I just had to drop a quick note on how great the running community is. I was out yesterday doing some half mile repeats. Late in repeat 6 of 8, a couple of runners were approaching me and I recognized one as Dan Held. As we approached each other, he began jumping and yelling at the top of his lungs "COME ON RYAN! COME ON MAN!" You’d think he was cheering for his own kid at the state championship track meet the way he was getting into it.

Here I am, just some average Joe doing repeats at a pace that is pedestrian by his standards and a guy who has run in World Championship races, who was 7th in the Olympic Trials my freshman year of college, is going ballistic cheering for me. Yes, the running community is amazing.

By the way, on the one in a million chance that he reads this, thanks Dan for getting me through it. I was hurting and at that turning point I’m sure we’ve all experienced in hard workouts where you either battle through to a great workout or give in to the fatigue and figure it was still a good workout. I believe I still would have battled it out but that lift just at the right time definitely helped assure that result.

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