Tough time? Cut yourself some slack

When something such as illness derails your plans, don’t beat yourself up

I was planning to write a different, far more in depth post for this week but I came down with a cold and didn’t have the time and energy to finish it. So I’m writing this quick reminder instead.

Just as I did with my blogging, I did the same with my running. I ran a little but just enough to get some fresh air and move the body a bit. I hope that you will cut yourself some slack with your running if something comes up.

Had I tried to push through, I might have stressed my body more than it could handle and caused the cold to linger or develop into something worse. Instead, I’m on the road to recovery and looking forward to a strong return.

We can’t avoid everything. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, things get derailed. When they do, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just roll with the punches, do the best you can, and bounce back when ready. Whether illness, the holiday rush, or whatever may come up.

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