Use data to describe, not prescribe

Data can be very useful – if used at the right time

I recently wrote about my experiences with my new Garmin. My summary of this watch would be wow, it’s amazing how much data a little device on your wrist can give you in real time.

This, though, can be a double edged sword.

With so much data available, whether with the watch I have or one of a multitude of similar devices, how do you use it?

You may have noticed a pattern with my prior post. I wanted to use very little of the information in real time. I wanted to look at it after the fact. Why?

Because focusing on this data to drive my workouts would have taken away from allowing my body to guide me. As much data as we can record now, the best data is still that which comes from our own bodies. It’s how we feel and how we are reacting to the training, the weather, the things going on in our lives. Devices and the data they produce can measure an amazing amount of things but they can’t measure everything.

We should still be relying on our bodies to dictate what we are doing while running. Then use the data afterward to offer some description of how the run went.

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