Warm up

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Warm up always has been an interesting topic for me because, I have read several opinions on warming up, and I would like to know how you warm up before races..

I have seen several types of warm up such as, easy running,easy running + some strides at race pace, easy running + LT pace running for 2-3 mins, drills+ strides just before the gun. The only people that I see doing strides before the gun are the top athletes, medium pack and back pack people are just running easy till " go" time.

Personally I warm up just running easy for 1k-1 mile, and in the starting line, I am not very warmed up, but I am afraid to try something new on race day, because on workouts I warm up that way, run easy for 3k or so ( on workouts), stretch, and start the workout.

Also, Doing strides before the gun would make me look like a top gun there, and I am not even close to that.

How do you warm up?

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