What can you do now?

This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original HillRunner.com Blogs.


I hear a lot of people say "if only I had more time" or "when my life eases up, I’ll worry about my running goals". That’s all good and well…if your life is ever going to ease up. However, what are you doing in the meantime?

Most of us have very busy lives. We have jobs, families, social commitments and many other things that make getting in the "perfect" training impossible. To paraphrase Voltaire, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Don’t think about what would be perfect and how you can’t attain that, think about what you can do right now and how good you can do on that.

You can’t run X miles per week? Don’t worry about it. Can you run X – 10 miles per week? Maybe X – 20? You have so much stress in your life that you can only manage one workout per week without breaking down? Then do that one workout. You may not get the same results but you will come close. You’ll definitely come much closer than if you just give up.

So get out there. Run 5 days a week if you can’t run 6. Run 40 miles a week if you can’t run 50. Run 13 mile long runs if you can’t run 15. Maybe you’ll have to adjust your goals but what happens to your goals if you simply give up?

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