What’s going on around here?

I’m sure you’re wondering what is going on at HillRunner.com. It has been a very difficult week and a half for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling the frustration.

What happened? Well, it’s a long story but I’ll try to keep it at least somewhat short.

Around midday on April 24th, the server HillRunner.com was hosted on had a major hardware failure. Unfortunately, things like this happen. However, what happened next was disappointing and has me changing hosts even though I’m in middle of a contract.

First, it took over 5 and a half hours to get the site back up. With a backup server ready, which should be standard practice for hosting companies, it should not take this long but it did.

Second, while my host ensured me shortly before this crash that they back up the entire site, it turns out they didn’t. They were missing parts of the site and, as a result, things broke when they did get it back up.

Worse yet, I had a full backup from about a week and a half earlier but there were still issues on the server and I couldn’t upload that backup in order to restore it.

I was made several promises over the past week and a half about when things would be back up and what would be done for me to get there. None of those promises were kept and nothing changed. After wasting too much time, I went shopping for a new hosting company.

Currently, we’re up and running at a different hosting company. Hopefully, this will be the end of the ordeal and we can put this whole sad episode behind us.

I apologize for any inconvenience you experienced over the past week and a half. It’s been a stressful and frustrating time for me and I’m sure it hasn’t been fun for you. Fortunately, it should be all over now.

Unfortunately, with all of this going on, I didn’t have time to write the usual weekly blog post. I apologize for that and promise I’ll get back on schedule.