What you can do at the new HillRunner.com

Now that we’re fully on the new HillRunner.com, I thought I’d take a moment to go through what you can do and where you can find those things. For the most part, if you were making use of something on the old HillRunner.com, you can find it here. The only things I took away are things that weren’t getting used.

Of course, I’m always looking for new things to add. In fact, let this be a callout. If you have any requests for what you would like to see added to HillRunner.com, comment here or ask via the contact form. I’m always open to any ideas. I’ll address this a bit more at the bottom of this post.

I’ll work my way through the top menu items. In addition, I’d like to ask the question: what would you like to see at the new HillRunner.com? I’d love to see your answers to this open question or to some specific questions at the bottom.

As always, you can check the HillRunner.com homepage for the latest on what’s going on. You can also sign up for the newsletter to get monthly updates in your inbox. Also as always, I encourage you to contact me via the contact form.

Club HillRunner.com members get some additional features that, for the time being, look much like what you got at the old HillRunner.com: exclusive videos, the SuperCalc, and some additional training log features. Also, off site, we have the Club HillRunner.com Facebook group.

Online Coaching is, of course, still available and easier to sign up and maintain your status than before. Along with personal coaching from me, you also get all the benefits of Club HillRunner.com.

The Blog is, of course, still available. Because people weren’t taking advantage of it, I did remove the ability to write your own blog posts. As of now, I’m the only one who can write blog posts. Whether or not that will change in the future is up in the air. If it does change, it might be locked down to Club HillRunner.com members in order to prevent spam.

The Calculators are, of course, also still available.

The Treadmill Pace Chart is now available under the Calculators section. It’s been gradually transitioning that way. This just completes that transition.

The Training Log is a commitment I made to this community several years ago. While I don’t have the resources to do what some other sites can do, I made the promise that, if you keep your training log at HillRunner.com, it will always be available to you. I will not go back on that promise. As always, my goal is an easy to use training log. It shouldn’t take an advanced degree to figure out how to enter your workouts.

New to HillRunner.com is the Your Account area (see the menu when logged in). Especially if you’re a coached athlete or a Club HillRunner.com member, this is a huge upgrade. You can now manage your membership, upgrade and downgrade as desired, update your billing card, and in the future I’d expect other capabilities.

Where is …? I reviewed visits to several parts of HillRunner.com over the past year. Some hadn’t been visited at all, others were visited minimally. I couldn’t justify taking the time to transfer parts of the site that were simply not visited or only visited at most once or twice a month. If you feel strongly about a certain part of the site, reach out to me and maybe I can be convinced to bring it back. I have saved copies of everything.

The only other things missing are the ads. My feelings about ads on HillRunner.com are well documented. I hate them but have used them as a way to pay the bills. If Club HillRunner.com and coaching can pay the bills and justify the time I put into HillRunner.com, I’m not going to add external ads. I may add some internal ads for unregistered visitors and maybe visitors with a free account, encouraging club membership and/or coaching. However, I’m going to make another serious effort to keep HillRunner.com free of external ads and for now I’ll keep it completely ad free.

What would you like to see at the new HillRunner.com?

I’m interested in any ideas of what you might like to see added to HillRunner.com. All ideas will be considered. To spur conversation, here are a few questions I’ve been pondering:

Would you like to see the forums make a return?

Are there any additional calculators that might be of use?

Is there anything I took away that you miss and believe should be retained?

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