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I have been a participant on the forums of the Runner's World Online (RWOL) website since I first "discovered" them in May, 1996.  I also have participated on the Merv Competitive Runner's Forum and other running websites over the years.

Many running related questions recur on the forums as new participants appear. I have saved some of the more general posts that I have written for the forums for future reference and use. This webpage consists primarily of a collection of those posts, plus a few other items. Some of the posts are "generic" in nature....I have used most of them on the forums frequently. Other posts are replies to specific inquiries posted by others.

I have not edited the posts to de-personalize them. I hope that those who are mentioned by name in those posts don't mind that. Posts that were part of the same "thread" on the forums are "threaded" here. I have grouped the posts into categories of primary subject matter. However, some posts are applicable to more than one major category. There is also redundancy among the posts because they are mostly unedited.

I hope you enjoy your visit and are able to find something that you find interesting or useful. Please sign my guestbook. Comments, questions, and criticisms about my Running Page and anything on it are welcome and can be entered in the guestbook or emailed to me.

Running Terminology and Jargon – definitions of running and forum posting terms, abbreviations and acronyms.

Running Mechanics

Running Form and Mechanics

Stride Mechanics - Post 1

    Stride Mechanics - Post 2

    Stride Length Mechanics

More Stride Rate Comments

Increasing Stride Length

Stride Length Improvement

Foot Strike

A Personal Stride Rate Test

Hill Running

Changing Running Shoe Type

Tall vs. Short Runners


General Training

Aerobic Conditioning Pace

Base Training Pace

Natural Assets and Weaknesses

The Warmup Mile

Basics of Speed Training

Heart Rate Training

Junk Miles

Concrete vs. Asphalt

Concrete vs. Asphalt - 2

Weight Training


ITB Stretches

Abdominal Exercises

The Masters Runner

Running Strength

10k vs. Marathon Training

Hill Repeats vs. Weight Training

Hill Repeats vs. MP Runs

Treadmill Running

The 1% Incline Treadmill Myth

    The 1% Incline Myth - Part 2

VO2max Intervals

VO2max and High Altitude

Rotating Running Shoes

My 1989 10k Training Program

Training – 1970s Style



Setting Race Goals

Adjusting A Race Plan

Late Race Push

The End of Race Kick

Drafting In A Race

Racing After A Marathon





When To Run The First Marathon

Structuring A Marathoning Plan

First Marathon Uncertainties

Optimum Marathon Mileage Base

Total Mileage in Marathon Training

LSD Pace

The Longest Long Run

Best Speedwork for Marathon Training

Yasso's - Training or Test

Marathon Race Planning

Predicting A Marathon Time from a 10k

Pre-Race Comments for Marathoners

Negative Splits

Marathon Cramps

Marathon Recovery

Back To Back Marathons

The Trail from Beginner to Boston

How Old Is Too Old To Get Faster

Getting To Sub-3:30

The Value of the LSD

Marathons 3-Weeks Apart

Predicting A Marathon Time

    Half Marathon Pace vs. Marathon Pace

    Marathon vs HM Comparison & Analysis

A Perfect Marathon

Getting past the Wall

Lessons From the Past

Sodium vs. Potassium


Training Between Close Marathons

Recovery Runs

Ultimate Speed Workout

Supplements and Bonking

Long Run Time/Mileage Limits

Best Way To Improve Marathon Time?

Adjusting MP for Climatic Conditions

A Hot Weather Marathon

LSDs and the First-Time Marathoner

Marathoning As a Trend

My Yasso 800 Experiences

Marathon Training

Marathon Cramps - 2

Glover’s Programs - 1988 vs. 1999

Running An Optimum Marathon

A Classic Case of Too Much, Too Soon?

    Natalie’s Story

MarathonMoon's Inspirational Race Report

    Monica’s Boston Marathon Report

Boston Marathon Qualifying Statistics

    Age-graded BQ Standards

ACSM 2008 Conference – Marathons

A Perspective of the Long Run


A Gallowalking Experiment

    Galloway - Devil or Angel?

Additional Gallowalking Comments

Galloway's “Less Is Better” Article

    A Balanced Program

    The Vanishing American Elite

Gallowalking vs. A Perfect Marathon

Galloway and Bingham



The Decline Of American Marathoners

    Why Have They Declined?

    Why The Decline – Post 2

    Boston Marathon Front Runner Profile

1980 vs. 2005 Marathoners

Resurgence of the American Marathoner?

The Runner's High

Georgia - A True Competitor

A Runner's Runner

The Streak Ends

Sarah’s Saga

An Extreme Race

A Sunset Run on the Beach


Personal Stuff

A Run With Dad (published in the June 1998 issue of RW magazine)

Favorite Running Quotes

Hernia Surgery

My Personal Records

My Race Log

Personal Race Reports

What's New?
7/16/09 - Added "Boston Marathon Front Runner Profile" to the Potpourri section.
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