Calculators FAQ

What good are these calculators? That is a very good question. These calculators should be considered guidelines. Obviously, some (such as the distance conversion calculator) are based on hard numbers. The others are based on research but can not be guaranteed to be perfectly accurate. If you ran 5k in 18:00, that doesn’t mean you will run 10k in exactly 37:31. However, it would be reasonable to assume you would be fairly close to that time. Also, if you ran that 18:00 5k, your ideal easy run pace may not be exactly 7:29/mile. However, that is most likely a good starting point, from which to find your ideal pace. Use these calculators to get an idea of what you may be capable of. Don’t think they are exact because no calculator can be exact. After all, we are people, not machines.

Why do I need JavaScript enabled to use the calculators?  You need JavaScript enabled on your browser because that is what these calculators use to do the math. HTML is not dynamic enough to work with your input and return a result, while other technologies are overkill and would just slow down page loading and calculation time.

When I click on calculate, I get NaN: NaN stands for not a number. Check what you entered. All fields must contain a number. Unfortunately, at this time, you can not leave fields blank. If you want to enter a time like 18 minutes you must enter it as 0:18:00. I am working on a fix for this.

How can I request another calculator? Easy, just use the Contact Form. If you can offer an equation for what you would like, it would make the setup time much shorter. If you don’t have one, I can see if I can find one.

More questions? Please use the Contact Form to ask.

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