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When on vacation, keep the plan loose

What a great way to enjoy vacation time!

I recently went on a family vacation, our first big vacation in 3 years. It was an outstanding trip and running during the vacation absolutely enhanced the experience.

For some of us, though, running won’t enhance the experience. Whether because running is something different for us or because the vacation is just something that would make running difficult, it might even be detrimental to the vacation experience.

Stay positive

It can sometimes be hard to find the good in a bad experience but it is worth trying

The runners I coach know that I can and will put a positive spin on almost anything.

Had a bad race? It’s a learning experience. Bad workout that you had to cut short? At least you did the smart thing and didn’t do any damage by trying to push through. Tough long run? Good practice for handling challenges on race day.

Fitness trackers and summer weather

A double edged sword

Last week, in one day, my VO2max dropped from 60 to 57. Or so my Garmin told me.

Those of us in Wisconsin have had a very strange spring. It was cool to the point that it felt like we weren’t getting spring. Then, suddenly, things changed very rapidly until, on Tuesday, I found myself running in 85° weather with extremely high humidity, direct midday sun and pretty much no wind.

After one run in that weather, my Garmin said I lost a lot of fitness.

Summer running


Wow, summer came fast this year! At least it did where I am. That means it’s time for our annual reminders about summer running.

We all think of winter as the challenging and dangerous season for runners but there are challenges and safety considerations we need to keep in mind during the summer also. As well as the adjustments that we need to make not for our safety but to ensure we’re getting the most out of our summer time training.

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