Hurt? Look at everything

Just because it hurts while you run doesn’t mean running caused it

Recently, I’ve been dealing with an ankle/lower shin issue. I’m on the road to recovery, in large part because I think I found the primary cause of the issue and have corrected it.

However, the primary cause wasn’t where I was expecting it to be and it was where most runners don’t tend to look. It had to do with what I was doing in my leisure time, not when I was running or, for that matter, doing anything physically demanding.

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Don’t lose yourself in the numbers

Record those numbers if you wish but don’t lose yourself in them

I have an admission to make. When I’m writing training plans for the runners I coach, I don’t even look at the weekly mileage I have them running. As I know can frustrate some, especially as we are just starting together, I very infrequently talk about specific paces to target.

Why don’t I do these things? Because your body doesn’t know numbers. It knows effort and duration.

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Winter running

You CAN run through the winter!

It seems too early for this but winter is on its way. Here in Wisconsin, we’ve already seen snow on the ground in October and the past couple of mornings have felt very winter like.

That means it’s time for your annual reminder: winter running can be safe and, dare I say, even enjoyable with a few precautions.

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Do you prehab?

My primary prehab tools

When a runner gets injured, we all instantly think about rehab. What are you doing to recover? Strength? Stretching? Maybe some massage or self massage with something like a foam roller?

Instead of being reactive, why not be proactive? Before the injury happens, do some of that same work in order to avoid it in the first place.

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Enjoy the special moments

This year, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to share runs with my daughter

Taking a little break from the usual training posts. I’m not sure what to think of this but I’m apparently feeling a little philosophical.

This year, we’ve had a lot of bad moments to get through. However, largely due to at least some of what’s been going on, I’ve also found some very special moments I’ve been able to enjoy, nothing more so than running with my daughter.

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