Low carb? Think again

I’ve already covered ad nauseum my thoughts on low carb training for performance (there’s more if you want to search for it). However, are there any concerns beyond running performance?

As it turns out, yes. Note: I’m linking to a tweet because reading Trent’s reply to his tweet is very important.

When on vacation, keep the plan loose

What a great way to enjoy vacation time!

I recently went on a family vacation, our first big vacation in 3 years. It was an outstanding trip and running during the vacation absolutely enhanced the experience.

For some of us, though, running won’t enhance the experience. Whether because running is something different for us or because the vacation is just something that would make running difficult, it might even be detrimental to the vacation experience.

Standing or jogging recoveries?

You’re doing an interval workout. Do you jog your recoveries or stand?

This has long been a debate in the running world. I’ve honestly leaned toward the “depends on the goals of the workout” philosophy. I don’t necessarily have any evidence to support that but it makes sense that, for some workouts, you want to keep moving while you want to take full rest for some others.

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