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Another six months have passed, which means it’s that time again. This is one of my favorite things to do. Ask me anything you would like!

Within reason, nothing is off limits. Ask about training, racing, my thoughts on any news in the sport. Ask about the site, including the major changes we’ve recently seen, the coaching service, Club or anything else that’s going on.

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So what have you been thinking about and wanting to ask?

Winter running


You CAN run through the winter!

We had a good taste of winter here in Wisconsin just last week when we got wind chills, if not temperatures, in the single digits. Winter is on its way. That means, for many of us in the northern hemisphere, the joys of winter running! Yes, I mean that with a minimal amount of sarcasm. Sure, there are struggles but there are a lot of good aspects to winter running. Now, though, I’d like to dispel a few myths about running in winter and discuss how we can make winter running in the great outdoors as safe and comfortable as possible. Continue reading “Winter running”

Why your training log matters

In whatever form, keep a training log!

“Why do I have to keep a training log?”

That’s a question I often hear. The runners I coach get it. It’s our key medium of communication. You let me know how you’re responding to the training, I learn about you and what works for you from that, then I adjust your training accordingly.

But what if you don’t have a coach? Does the training log still matter?

Yes! Continue reading “Why your training log matters”

Race report: Shooting for 22 years

As many of you probably know, I take incredible pride in my streak of running at least one 5K every year in under 17 minutes. Before today, that streak stood at 21 years and counting. After today, it would either stand at 22 years and counting or end at 21 years.

Before today, I was already thinking of sharing why sub-17 means so much to me so let me start there. Then I’ll get into today’s report. Continue reading “Race report: Shooting for 22 years”