2021 review and 2022 preview at HillRunner.com

I’ll be completely honest, I’m on vacation right now and writing this pretty quickly. So this will be a short review/preview but I just want to let everyone know I’m still looking at how HillRunner.com is doing and always thinking about how to make it better.

I’m going to be short on the 2022 preview for one primary reason: unless I hear something from you, sometimes I just go with the flow and figure out what to do. I promise that, every year, I at least try a few things to make the experience for the community better or try to reach new people. I will continue that in 2022 but what 2022 will bring, unless I hear from you, will be somewhat unpredictable.

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Goals: set them so you will succeed most of the time

Not long ago, I was listening to a podcast about goal setting. It brought up an idea that I found interesting and made an interesting case for it. To be honest, it goes against what I’ve done in the past but I see the argument in favor of it.

The idea is that goals should be set so you can achieve them at least 80% of the time. Essentially, don’t chase incredibly tough goals. Instead, set yourself up for success most of the time but sometimes challenge yourself with a tough goal.

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What’s better?

Me, when I see another headline asking what’s better

It’s that time of the year again. Fitness advice is flying around everywhere.

As with most fitness advice you can find in December and January, there’s a lot of bad out there. One of my favorites: what’s better?

What’s better: very long runs at a slow pace or shorter long runs at a faster pace? What’s better: short intervals or long intervals? What’s better: interval workouts or tempo runs?

My personal favorite. What’s better: long, slow endurance or interval training?

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Ask me anything

It’s that time again! Your chance to ask me anything you would like. As I always seem to mention, this is always one of my favorite things to do.

Almost nothing is off limits. Feel free to ask me about training, racing, what’s going on at HillRunner.com, or anything else. This is my invitation to you to ask whatever you would like.

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