Racing in bad conditions

2002 Lakefront Marathon

The 2002 Lakefront Marathon was run on a day with 25-30 mile per hour winds gusting to 50 miles per hour. Almost the entire race was run with a headwind.

Over its history, the Boston Marathon has included snow, historic winds and extreme heat. On a few occasions, they even have had good conditions.

Don’t turn your world upside down

The new year is here! Did you create some resolutions or just set some running goals for the new year that you’re ready to chase down?

Whether the goals are focused on process/training (maybe weekly or yearly miles, maybe a certain training schedule or amount of auxiliary training) or focused on an outcome (such as reaching a qualifying time or simply a time goal for a given race or distance) you might have big plans about how you’re going to revamp your training to accomplish the goals.

Just don’t change too much, too soon.

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