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Fitness trackers and summer weather

A double edged sword

Last week, in one day, my VO2max dropped from 60 to 57. Or so my Garmin told me.

Those of us in Wisconsin have had a very strange spring. It was cool to the point that it felt like we weren’t getting spring. Then, suddenly, things changed very rapidly until, on Tuesday, I found myself running in 85° weather with extremely high humidity, direct midday sun and pretty much no wind.

After one run in that weather, my Garmin said I lost a lot of fitness.

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Mental health matters

Because she took care of herself, Molly Seidel was able to achieve at the highest level

This year’s Olympics really seemed to put a real focus on mental health issues in sports. From mind-body disconnects that could be incredibly dangerous if not life threatening to mental health issues related to high level competition or placing one’s health above performance, the topic seemed to come up in several discussions.

While this is a discussion I would never pretend to be an expert in, I think it is a very important one so I’ll offer a few thoughts and encourage anyone who is facing challenges to seek help and anyone who knows someone facing challenges to be supportive.

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Incidental fitness

It won’t make you an Olympian but a regular walk is good for your general fitness

When I first began working from home back in March, I made a promise to myself. I’d get at least 30 minutes of dedicated activity every day until I returned to work.

Why would I make a promise like this? I wanted to make sure I was doing something every day, even if I was taking a day off of running, because I was bound to be less active throughout the day.

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