Nutrition for the runner

Get plenty of fruits and veggies – almost certainly more than you are now

Now that we’re a little past the annual fad diet craze, let’s have a serious discussion about good nutrition. While I’m gearing this toward runners, a lot of it applies to non-runners. Why? While runners have some unique needs, good nutrition is good nutrition.

To be clear, I’m not going to offer specific advice. I’m going to speak in generalities. This is because I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician and I won’t pretend to be a nutrition expert. If you want specific diet advice, see someone who is qualified and don’t get your advice off the internet.

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How to do an easy run

The easy run seems so simple we often don’t talk about it. But we should.

How should I run an easy run? It seems so basic, it almost seems ridiculous to ask. Maybe that’s why people don’t ask. Even when they should.

Yes, the easy run is basic in principle but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask the question. Because people seem to be afraid to ask, I’m going to ask and answer myself. So here it goes…

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Ask me anything

It’s again time for one of my favorite things to do. Once again, it’s time for me to invite you to ask me anything you would like!

Within reason, nothing is off limits. Ask about training, racing, my thoughts on any news in the sport. Ask about the site, the coaching service, Club or anything else that’s going on.
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Thank you

This seems to be turning into an annual tradition to offer a thanks to you on Thanksgiving. That doesn’t make it any less heartfelt, though.

I created many years ago because I wanted to give something to the running community that gave so much to me. While I strive to do that every day, I keep finding that, the more I give to the community, the more it gives back. I didn’t expect that but it’s how things have worked out.
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How to review your racing season

Whether you finished your year like this or somewhat worse, use lessons from this year to improve upon next

Many of us have recently finished our racing for the year. Whether an October marathon or fall season of shorter races, you’ve probably had ups and downs, good points and bad points.

How do you go over everything that has happened and glean out information that you can use for next year?

I recently discussed how to handle a bad race and how to get useful information out of that race but what about a good race? What about your training? There’s a lot more to think about and, surely, some of it went well while some didn’t.
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