Happy 20th birthday to the HillRunner.com community!

It’s OUR birthday!

20 years ago today, after some time hosting a personal running page on the UW-Stout student pages, I registered the hillrunner.com domain and HillRunner.com was born. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years.

I just wanted to take a moment today, on HillRunner.com’s 20th birthday to thank all of you. Whether your first visit was 20 years ago today or your first visit is today, I appreciate every one of you and am thrilled that you have found your way here and can be a part of this great community.

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Running and the hacker culture

You can’t hack your way to success in running

These days, the hacker culture is all around us. How to do more with less. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

No surprise, the hacker culture has also made its way into the running world. From things that have been around for a long time, such as couch to marathon in 12 weeks, to people promising you can get as much aerobic conditioning in 10 minutes as you can in an hour long easy run.

Does the hacker culture really work with running, though?

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Family first

Family is always the top priority

This past weekend, I was discussing family issues with two runners I coach. Both were facing different family situations but both needed training adjustments due to these family issues.

Note how I stated they “needed” training adjustments?

There’s a reason I stated it that way.

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The best recovery method

I’m not saying foam rollers are bad, I use mine every day. I’m just saying there’s something even better.

These days, we’re bombarded with marketing for the “best” recovery product or method. You can’t get away from it. Buy this product, watch that video, and you’ll know the secret to rapid recovery.

It all sounds great but does it work? Probably not. There are some that offer modest benefits and a lot that do virtually nothing. But there is one great recovery method that does work.

What is it? What’s this secret method to maximize your recovery?

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Learn from experience – yours and others’

One of the reasons I write this blog and share so freely of myself in other ways is because I want you to learn from my experience.

I had the great fortune early in my running life to learn from some very smart and very experienced runners and coaches. I know not everyone has been that lucky, which is why I feel a responsibility to share so freely of myself. Others have shared a wealth of knowledge with me, I feel the need to pass on that knowledge, as well as the lessons I’ve learned myself along the way.

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