Learn from experience – yours and others’

One of the reasons I write this blog and share so freely of myself in other ways is because I want you to learn from my experience.

I had the great fortune early in my running life to learn from some very smart and very experienced runners and coaches. I know not everyone has been that lucky, which is why I feel a responsibility to share so freely of myself. Others have shared a wealth of knowledge with me, I feel the need to pass on that knowledge, as well as the lessons I’ve learned myself along the way.

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Vitamin D/sun and more on restrictive diets

A few weeks ago, an article was going around on sunscreen. On the chance you haven’t seen it, I thought it would be worth sharing here, as well as one other link on Vitamin D.

Also earlier this month, I wrote a post about nutrition, where I was especially harsh on restrictive diets. As I was writing that but a little too late to shoehorn it in, an article came up in my newsfeed that I felt was a good fit for that post. I’ll share it here as an end of month addendum.

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Don’t forget the fundamentals

I may not get back to this fitness but I can train more like I was then.

Over the past few years, I’ve been focusing more on the little things that I thought would help me maintain a level of performance I’m happy with. Over this time, I was seeing my performances slide and last year, when I pulled my calf, I realized something needed to change.

So I went back to the basics. After taking some time to return to health, I broke everything down and went back to the fundamentals. While I built up more quickly than any beginner would, I went toward treating my training like a beginner’s. Nothing fancy, just lay a good base with a bunch of easy miles, occasionally running faster than on other days and about once a week going longer.

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Nutrition for the runner

Get plenty of fruits and veggies – almost certainly more than you are now

Now that we’re a little past the annual fad diet craze, let’s have a serious discussion about good nutrition. While I’m gearing this toward runners, a lot of it applies to non-runners. Why? While runners have some unique needs, good nutrition is good nutrition.

To be clear, I’m not going to offer specific advice. I’m going to speak in generalities. This is because I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician and I won’t pretend to be a nutrition expert. If you want specific diet advice, see someone who is qualified and don’t get your advice off the internet.

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How to do an easy run

The easy run seems so simple we often don’t talk about it. But we should.

How should I run an easy run? It seems so basic, it almost seems ridiculous to ask. Maybe that’s why people don’t ask. Even when they should.

Yes, the easy run is basic in principle but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask the question. Because people seem to be afraid to ask, I’m going to ask and answer myself. So here it goes…

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Ask me anything

It’s again time for one of my favorite things to do. Once again, it’s time for me to invite you to ask me anything you would like!

Within reason, nothing is off limits. Ask about training, racing, my thoughts on any news in the sport. Ask about the site, the coaching service, Club HillRunner.com or anything else that’s going on.
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