Winter running

You CAN run through the winter!

It seems too early for this but winter is on its way. Here in Wisconsin, we’ve already seen snow on the ground in October and the past couple of mornings have felt very winter like.

That means it’s time for your annual reminder: winter running can be safe and, dare I say, even enjoyable with a few precautions.

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Do you prehab?

My primary prehab tools

When a runner gets injured, we all instantly think about rehab. What are you doing to recover? Strength? Stretching? Maybe some massage or self massage with something like a foam roller?

Instead of being reactive, why not be proactive? Before the injury happens, do some of that same work in order to avoid it in the first place.

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How to race during a pandemic

For the first time since 1989, I haven’t run an in person race this year. I know there have been a few opportunities this fall but I just don’t feel that any of these events were, to me, worth the risk of potentially being a part of the problem and spreading a serious virus. I terribly miss head to head racing and everything that goes with it but running still means a lot to me even without that and some things, like the health of my family and community, are more important.

That said, we all have to make our own choices. I don’t pass value judgments on to others who make different decisions. I hope they will take reasonable precautions and consider the safety procedures of the races they are considering but, if they feel the race is worth it, that’s their choice.

So, if you’re one of those people who are looking for a race, how do you decide what race to do and then how to safely participate? The always great Gretchen Reynolds offers some thoughts on that.

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Incidental fitness

It won’t make you an Olympian but a regular walk is good for your general fitness

When I first began working from home back in March, I made a promise to myself. I’d get at least 30 minutes of dedicated activity every day until I returned to work.

Why would I make a promise like this? I wanted to make sure I was doing something every day, even if I was taking a day off of running, because I was bound to be less active throughout the day.

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Enjoy the special moments

This year, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to share runs with my daughter

Taking a little break from the usual training posts. I’m not sure what to think of this but I’m apparently feeling a little philosophical.

This year, we’ve had a lot of bad moments to get through. However, largely due to at least some of what’s been going on, I’ve also found some very special moments I’ve been able to enjoy, nothing more so than running with my daughter.

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Health first

I’ve been hearing from a few people recently with health concerns. Either people who are getting COVID-19 tests because they are showing symptoms after being exposed (thankfully, nobody I’ve heard from has had a positive test yet) or those of you who live in the areas where air quality is affected by the wildfires.

My message for these individuals has been the same: health first, then fitness.

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Even this year, don’t short recovery

I may be doing more “jogging and giggling” than racing this year but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take time to recover

My last planned “race” of the year is coming up this weekend. I’ll have run a total of two races this year, both virtual, and I did a stair climb very early in the year.

Meanwhile, my training also wasn’t up to the level it has been in past years.

So what will I be doing as next week starts? I’ll be recovering.

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