Ask me anything

It’s that time again! Your chance to ask me anything you would like. As I always seem to mention, this is always one of my favorite things to do.

Almost nothing is off limits. Feel free to ask me about training, racing, my thoughts on training and racing as race calendars begin to fill up, what’s going on at This is my invitation to you to ask whatever you would like.

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Dealing with all that is going on

A lot of us are feeling stressed right now. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

I have to admit, I’m having a hard time writing blog posts right now. I’m distracted by what feels like a news cycle that is changing by the minute. I’m concerned about both the present and the future. This is a very difficult time.

Fortunately for me, running is my fallback, my stress reliever. My training is going pretty well because I need my time out on the road and I live in an area where running in solitude is the norm.

I know my circumstances are not what all of you are facing, though.

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Winter running gear

Probably because I share so openly the kinds of winter weather I’ve run in (pretty much anything you can think of) I’m often asked what people should wear in given conditions.

I always struggle with these questions. Not because I’m trying to hold back top secret information but because I truly don’t know. Different people need different gear in different conditions.

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June 2016 update

This article was originally posted by Ed at the original Blogs.

June overall was a decent month – while I had a number of consistency issues they are not nearly as bad as they have been in the past. I missed a total of 5 runs getting 25 runs completed. I ran a total of 216 miles averaging a 7:02 pace for the month. (I need to slow it down some and increase the quality of the workouts.) June’s total mileage brings me to a yearly total of 1,283 miles (last year was only 702 miles.)

Looking forward to a great July with two races planned. One in the books (read the Race report on these blogs) and one on July 16th – Fish Day.

Monthly Update for May

This article was originally posted by Ed at the original Blogs.

May was overall a pretty good month for training. I only had 24 runs though so my consistency faltered a bit. This was do to the huge re-roofing project my wife and I did by ourselves over the Memorial Day weekend.

I ran a total of 208.50 miles bringing my yearly total to 1,067 miles for 2016 (through the end of May.) My average pace in May was a fairly strong 7:29 per mile and according to suggested training pace calculators, to achieve my goal of sub 30 at Al’s, I would need an easy pace of 7:34 per mile, so I am on target for that goal.

I have also managed to lose a tiny bit more weight and body fat. I am very near my goal of 145 pounds as I am at 148. My body fat (measured by a bathroom scale so . . ) fluctuates between 9-11%.

April Update

This article was originally posted by Ed at the original Blogs.

April was, overall, a good month. I got in some hard training but yet, some inconsistency and a great race. Out of the 30 days I ran 26 days and missed four days. I had wanted to average at least 200 miles per month this year. I did that Jan, Feb and March in April I ran 199.18 miles – yes that’s right, less than 1 mile shy. That’s ok because the quality of the 199.18 miles was very good. I averaged a 7:48 per mile pace for the month and ran a total of 25 hours and 45 minutes.

This training set me up for a race on the last day of the month. A race that was well executed and netted me a new PR in the 5K. My new 5K PR is down to 18:16 – not bad for a 45 year old with adult onset running disorder.

I did have an issue with needing to move the Tuesday workouts to Wednesday feeling that one more easy day would put my legs in the best condition to get the most out of the workout. That is something that I will correct this month especially because Coach Hill has dangled a very tempting carrot in front me. He is giving me the option to do a progression run on Thursdays if I feel good (not more than two Thursdays in a row though.) The prospect of more hard work is very tantalizing – I want that!

I am ready, willing and able to work myself to tears if it means achieving my goals of a sub 18:00 5K, sub 30:00 8K, a sub 1:21:00 ½ marathon and a sub 3:00:00 marathon.

March Update

This article was originally posted by Ed at the original Blogs.

Hello one and all,

March was a pretty good month overall. While I only got 26 runs in for the month it was my fourth highest monthly total mileage ever. I ran a total of 212.90 miles in a total time of 28 hours and 13 minutes. That is some serious base training (for a recreational competitive runner.)

I had a minor injury issue that took me out of running for three days and I had a cold that made it tough for four days. Both of my calves were experiencing a lot of pain right where they connect to the Achilles Tendon – I could not run at all. But three days off and I was good to go. The cold – well – it was a cold.

This is turning out to be a great year so far. First quarter of 2015 I had only 42.52 (yes less than 50) miles. Compare this to first quarter of 2016 where I have 660.26 miles.

Add to this – fourth quarter of 2014 compared to fourth quarter of 2015 and you get a serious difference. Fourth quarter of 2014 was only 4 (four) miles. Fourth quarter of 2015 was 386.22.

So in the past six months I have run 1,046.48 miles compared to 46.52 miles over the same time period the previous year! That is 1,000 more miles!!!!!!

I am in a much better place now and looking forward to the change from base to race training.