There are no magic paces (or black holes)

Back in the 1990s, a lot of runners talked about running at VO2max pace or lactate threshold pace or some other specific pace. We were told that you needed to run at that specific pace in order to get the best benefit from a workout. If you ran between these magical paces, you were putting in extra effort for no added benefit.

How right were we about those things, though?

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Are your PRs in the past?

I’m not this runner anymore. But that’s OK.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran my first half marathon in 14 years.

Why did I go 14 years without running a half marathon? After the race, I was thinking out loud about that while talking with some people and I think I came upon the most likely reason: I’m having trouble adjusting to getting slower.

Take a lesson from me: when your PRs are in the past, don’t do what I did. As hard as it is, accept that and keep challenging yourself.

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Running and the hacker culture

You can’t hack your way to success in running

These days, the hacker culture is all around us. How to do more with less. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

No surprise, the hacker culture has also made its way into the running world. From things that have been around for a long time, such as couch to marathon in 12 weeks, to people promising you can get as much aerobic conditioning in 10 minutes as you can in an hour long easy run.

Does the hacker culture really work with running, though?

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Family first

Family is always the top priority

This past weekend, I was discussing family issues with two runners I coach. Both were facing different family situations but both needed training adjustments due to these family issues.

Note how I stated they “needed” training adjustments?

There’s a reason I stated it that way.

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The best recovery method

I’m not saying foam rollers are bad, I use mine every day. I’m just saying there’s something even better.

These days, we’re bombarded with marketing for the “best” recovery product or method. You can’t get away from it. Buy this product, watch that video, and you’ll know the secret to rapid recovery.

It all sounds great but does it work? Probably not. There are some that offer modest benefits and a lot that do virtually nothing. But there is one great recovery method that does work.

What is it? What’s this secret method to maximize your recovery?

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