How to review your racing season

Whether you finished your year like this or somewhat worse, use lessons from this year to improve upon next

Many of us have recently finished our racing for the year. Whether an October marathon or fall season of shorter races, you’ve probably had ups and downs, good points and bad points.

How do you go over everything that has happened and glean out information that you can use for next year?

I recently discussed how to handle a bad race and how to get useful information out of that race but what about a good race? What about your training? There’s a lot more to think about and, surely, some of it went well while some didn’t.
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Running while ill

Feeling under the weather? When should you run and when should you rest?

Last week, my daughter was generous enough to share a cold with me. At the same time, I heard from two runners I coach. One was battling what sounded like a pretty bad cold and the other was dealing with the flu.

It’s that time of the year again. People are getting ill and training is getting interrupted.

How significant should the interruption of your training be if you get ill? Well, it depends.
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Four steps to getting past a bad race

Even all time greats sometimes have a bad race

“If you’ve never failed, you’re not trying.”

There is some truth to that quote. If we’re really trying to push our limits, then sometimes we will hit our limits and we will have a bad experience. If you’ve never had a bad race, how close are you to your limits?

What do we do when we have a bad race, though? How should we respond?
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