Running while ill

Feeling under the weather? When should you run and when should you rest?

Last week, my daughter was generous enough to share a cold with me. At the same time, I heard from two runners I coach. One was battling what sounded like a pretty bad cold and the other was dealing with the flu.

It’s that time of the year again. People are getting ill and training is getting interrupted.

How significant should the interruption of your training be if you get ill? Well, it depends.
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Four steps to getting past a bad race

Even all time greats sometimes have a bad race

“If you’ve never failed, you’re not trying.”

There is some truth to that quote. If we’re really trying to push our limits, then sometimes we will hit our limits and we will have a bad experience. If you’ve never had a bad race, how close are you to your limits?

What do we do when we have a bad race, though? How should we respond?
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Do you know your critical zone?

What I look like when I’m running mile 4 of Al’s Run the right way.

We all have a point in every race where we make a decision, whether conscious or not, whether to push through when the going gets tough. Do you know what that point is for you?

I’ve seen this called your critical zone and it matters because, if you know where this is, you can have a strategy to deal with it.
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What is winning to you?

Don’t tell me she’s not winning

We all know the simple definition of winning: crossing the finish line first.

But there’s much more to winning than just that. In large races, only one of thousands of runners can cross the finish line first. Many more may have run the best they could and have accomplished all the goals that had set out for themselves.

In fact, it’s possible that the first person across the line accomplished fewer of that individual’s goals than many of the people finishing farther back.
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Use cross training as a supplement, not a replacement

Don’t be afraid to hit the bike, just prioritize running if that’s where your goals are

Do you cross train?

You very likely do something that someone would call cross training. Whether things to supplement our aerobic conditioning like elliptical trainers or cycling or things like strength training to beef up some aspects of our fitness that running may not do as great at, almost all of us do something.

How do you prioritize your cross training, though?

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Use data to describe, not prescribe

Data can be very useful – if used at the right time

I recently wrote about my experiences with my new Garmin. My summary of this watch would be wow, it’s amazing how much data a little device on your wrist can give you in real time.

This, though, can be a double edged sword.

With so much data available, whether with the watch I have or one of a multitude of similar devices, how do you use it?
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