What is winning to you?

Don’t tell me she’s not winning

We all know the simple definition of winning: crossing the finish line first.

But there’s much more to winning than just that. In large races, only one of thousands of runners can cross the finish line first. Many more may have run the best they could and have accomplished all the goals that had set out for themselves.

In fact, it’s possible that the first person across the line accomplished fewer of that individual’s goals than many of the people finishing farther back.
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Use cross training as a supplement, not a replacement

Don’t be afraid to hit the bike, just prioritize running if that’s where your goals are

Do you cross train?

You very likely do something that someone would call cross training. Whether things to supplement our aerobic conditioning like elliptical trainers or cycling or things like strength training to beef up some aspects of our fitness that running may not do as great at, almost all of us do something.

How do you prioritize your cross training, though?

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Use data to describe, not prescribe

Data can be very useful – if used at the right time

I recently wrote about my experiences with my new Garmin. My summary of this watch would be wow, it’s amazing how much data a little device on your wrist can give you in real time.

This, though, can be a double edged sword.

With so much data available, whether with the watch I have or one of a multitude of similar devices, how do you use it?
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Relax and win

Staying relaxed late in a race helps you finish faster

What do you do late in a race? When you need to go a little faster, how do you respond?

If you’re like most runners, you dig deep. You push yourself and strain for that last possible bit of effort. It makes sense. Run faster by exerting more effort.

Is this the best way to run faster, though?
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Prove your fitness on race day, not in workouts

Save the killer efforts for when it matters most

About a month ago, I ran a 5 mile race at 6:03 pace. Cesar asked me how I could run that pace for a 5 mile race when my mile repeat workouts were slower (generally 6:20-6:30 pace in early spring, working down to 6:10-6:20 pace). As I recall, I offered a two part response.

First, I was doing shorter repeats at faster than 6:00 pace so it wasn’t a pace I was unfamiliar with.

Second, I wasn’t racing my workouts. I would expect my mile repeats to be slower than 5 mile race pace. If they weren’t, I’d be close to race effort in my workouts.
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Rebounding from a busy holiday

I hope all of my fellow Americans had a wonderful 4th of July. I ended up keeping things low key but this past weekend, when I spent 12 hours at a theme park on Saturday, got me thinking about what some of you may be facing right now: that fatigue from a busy day or two.

It will affect your running but how to do keep that to a minimum? Here’s what I did to minimize the impacts on my running.
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Tracking devices: what’s useful?

About three months ago, I got the new Garmin Forerunner 645 after dealing with some issues for about 9 months with my old Forerunner.

The 645 is an amazing device on many levels. As a running device and fitness tracker, it measures about everything you could imagine that something simply strapped to your wrist can. It’s not perfect at everything but what it can do is pretty amazing.

That said, there have been plenty of reviews of this device. This is not about the device itself. It’s about the usefulness of all the things our watches can track these days. As I’ve stated before, all of this data can be a blessing and a curse.
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Developing Targeted Treadmill Workouts With NordicTrack And Other Experts

NordicTrack recently reached out to me to work on a project with them and I am excited to be able to share that project with you.

Some other blogging runners and I were brought together by NordicTrack to help runners everywhere learn how to develop targeted treadmill workouts. So, if you want your treadmill runs to be more targeted for your running needs, keep on reading!
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