Are you a perfectionist?

Do you set big goals for yourself, then get upset at yourself if you fall short?

If so, you’re increasing your risk of burnout.

I’m a fan of setting big goals at least sometimes. However, you have to be careful about how you respond when the inevitable happens. When you set big goals, you will sometimes fall short, quite possibly more often than you reach them.

The problem is that, if you are hard on yourself when you fall short of a goal, you need to be careful about how high you set your goals. It shouldn’t be all that surprising that, if you fall short of goals somewhat consistently and you are hard on yourself when you do fall short, you’re going to end up in a very negative place.

I tell the runners I coach that, if they are going to set high goals, they need to be willing to look at what they have accomplished and be proud of it even if they come up short of their goals. Big goals are good as long as you can have this perspective because, even if you come up a little short, you still have accomplished a lot.

Sleep and injury risk

Sleep is important for so many reasons. One is injury prevention, right? Well, maybe not. Basically, we don’t know. There’s not enough evidence to say yet whether or not sleep is linked to injury risk. That doesn’t mean sleep isn’t important, just that we can’t say whether or not it reduces your injury risk.

Ethiopian runners train differently?

Ethiopian runners train differently. Or do they? This book review touches on an interesting subject. Much is not known about how Ethiopian runners train but, from what we do know, it’s different. However, based on this review (I’m going to need to try to get my hands on this book) it appears they aren’t “breaking the rules”. The universal truths are applied, just differently than most others apply them.

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