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It’s again time for one of my favorite things to do. Once again, it’s time for me to invite you to ask me anything you would like!

Within reason, nothing is off limits. Ask about training, racing, my thoughts on any news in the sport. Ask about the site, the coaching service, Club or anything else that’s going on.

If you want to ask publicly, you can do so in the comments, on Facebook, or you can tweet at or my personal account. If you want to ask more privately, you can use the contact form or, if you’re friends with me on Facebook or know my email address, you can reach me through those options.

I’d also like to take a moment to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. I’ve been working hard to get a few things working better for you and I’d like to know how I’m doing on the following. Please offer your honest response in the comments here or through any of the means of contact mentioned above. It means a lot to me, especially when you tell me how I can improve.

1) How does the speed of the site seem? I’ve been battling some issues and it seems to be good for the most part but there have been a few indicators I’m worried about.

2) We’ve had some issues since the new platform that have taken longer to work out than I wished for. Have we gotten all of those issues worked out? Is there anything on the site that isn’t working for you? Now or at any time, if you encounter anything that doesn’t seem to be working right, please let me know. I want to fix them but it’s so hard for a one person show to catch everything.

3) Is there anything you would like to see me work on in 2019? I’m open to all ideas as I make my to do list for next year.

2 Replies to “Ask me anything”

  1. How often do you drink alcohol? and what type of alcohol (wine, beer, rum, etc) do you drink?

    Do you think that alcohol enhance or damage the life of a runner?


    1. Cesar, I very infrequently will have a beer or two. I’d say I average no more than one beer per month. As for other types of drinks, I honestly don’t even remember the last time I’ve had anything other than a beer. (I guess I’m a bad Wisconsinite in terms of my volume of beer consumption but maybe a good Wisconsinite in my loyalty to beer?)

      I think it all depends on the volume of alcohol consumption. Hopefully, we can all agree that too much is bad for one’s health. However, as we’ve all certainly heard, there is evidence that small amounts of alcohol consumption can be good for one’s health. As with most things, my feeling is that it probably isn’t harmful to one’s health and may be beneficial in moderation. We just need to be careful because moderation in terms of alcohol matters much more than other things.

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