Before doing more, do it better

Before you worry about doing more, make sure you're first doing it well
Before you worry about doing more, make sure you’re first doing it well

When you’re looking to improve, where should you go first?

Given my training history, which I’ve shared very publicly over the years, you might think I’d say do more.

If you did, though, you’d be wrong. I did more, a lot more at times, but not until I focused on doing things “better”.

Why does this matter? Because, if you do more of the wrong thing, that’s not going to make you better. In fact, it brings a high chance of breaking you down, resulting in injuries.

Before doing more, think first about how you can do things better. Are you covering your bases, doing all the types of workouts necessary to be your best? Are you doing the auxiliary work necessary to run strong and with good form?

Of course we all need a base to do these things but, once you establish an adequate base, focus on the all around training. Once you have well rounded training, then you can increase your volume safely and with better results.

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