Consistently great or great at being consistent?

Even this guy (probably) isn’t great every day but you can bet he shows up every day

What does it take to be your best?

So many people think the answer is that you need to be great every day, that you need to be at your best day in and day out.

The truth is that the most successful runners or, I would argue, the most successful people at any pursuit aren’t great every single day. What they are great at, though, is showing up every day to get the necessary work done.

To be great, which is really what it means to be your best, you do need points in time where you achieve greatness but nobody can sustain greatness every day for years on end. What you can sustain is being consistently good at least the large majority of days for years on end.

Since we know it takes years to reach the highest level, it should be obvious that what we’re striving for isn’t consistent greatness. It’s great consistency.

So forget about trying to be consistently great. Instead, focus on being great at being consistent.

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