Developing Targeted Treadmill Workouts With NordicTrack And Other Experts

NordicTrack recently reached out to me to work on a project with them and I am excited to be able to share that project with you.

Some other blogging runners and I were brought together by NordicTrack to help runners everywhere learn how to develop targeted treadmill workouts. So, if you want your treadmill runs to be more targeted for your running needs, keep on reading!

Many people approach treadmill training without a clear idea of what they want to do on the treadmill. The end goal may be to just log in a workout but that is not the most effective way to use a treadmill. One thing Ryan Hill from Hill Runner suggested for targeted and effective treadmill training is, “I like to do things with treadmill workouts that we may find difficult to do off the treadmill.” By using your treadmill to simulate different running situations, you can maximize the effectiveness of every treadmill workout.

For those who would like a more clear idea of what that entails, Ryan provided further insight into developing a targeted workout. He mentioned that he lacks mountains, yet wants to build strength endurance during the offseason as a platform for in season speed development. Creating a technique which he dubbed a hill progression run, Ryan said, “It’s a great workout for the pre-competition phase.”

Should you be looking for more quality advice on developing targeted treadmill workouts, be sure to check out Ryan’s full interview as well as the other blogging runners we worked with on this interview project. They all have different approaches, so be sure to read through their individual interviews to obtain some well-rounded insight on targeted treadmill workouts.

  • Sarah Canney and Run Far Girl – “The most effective treadmill workouts are the ones that keep your mind and body engaged.” Sarah’s full interview
  • Lauren Abbott and Treadmill Reviews – “At the end of every run, I finish with sprints.” Lauren’s full interview
  • Stephanie Miller and Fit Found Me – “My favorite treadmill workout by far are HIITs to burn max calories.” Stephanie’s full interview

We hope you have been inspired to approach your next treadmill workout with a fresh eye, as it is possible to make treadmill workouts your most effective and targeted workouts of all. Also, if your current treadmill can’t quite meet your needs, be sure to check out our treadmills!

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