Do you use ice?

I’ve written a few times about icing and what we now know about it. Let me do it again.

While we used to think icing an injury or even icing sore legs in general was a good idea, we now have enough evidence to strongly believe exactly the opposite is true.

It appears that ice does not help. It might even hurt. The evidence of this is convincing and growing rapidly.

On the other hand, strength training is good. And, while we constantly hear about how it’s difficult for older individuals to maintain, much less gain, strength, it’s never too late.

What goes through your mind when running? What should go through your mind? As it turns out, depending on the type of activity, different types of self talk may have different benefits. For what it’s worth, for endurance activity, both motivational and instructional self talk improved performance.

What types of intervals are best? As is often the case, I agree with Alex Hutchinson’s bottom line: I favor a mix of types of workouts.

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