Does caffeine help? A way to prevent overeating after a long day at work?

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Does caffeine help? It depends…

Many years ago, I played around with caffeine before a couple of low key races. The results were not good. I just wasn’t myself on the course and couldn’t really seem to push. I didn’t know what was wrong but I never tried caffeine again. I figured maybe I had done something wrong but, even if I did, the stated benefits just weren’t worth it for me.

Well, maybe I didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe I’m just a slow metabolizer.

But the interesting results came when you break down the results by genotype. The fast metabolizers (GG) rode 1.2 minutes faster; the intermediate/slow metabolizers (GA) rode 0.5 minutes faster (not a statistacally significant change); and the slowest metabolizers (AA) rode 2.5 minutes slower.

So if, like me, you find that you just can’t run well after taking caffeine, there might be a reason for it other than you’re doing something wrong. The solution? It should be obvious: don’t bother with it.

A way to prevent overeating?

Whether it’s a long day at work or some other mentally challenging task, have you ever noticed how you get the munchies? Well, there may be a simple solution: exercise.

In this case, the exercise was an interval workout. However, at this point, I’m not aware of any reason to believe the intervals did anything special that a simple aerobic workout or any other type of workout wouldn’t do.

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