Don’t swing with the pendulum

Minimal shoes. Maximal shoes.

Low volume. High volume. HIIT.

Low fat. Low carb.

Regardless of the topic, it seems like there are trends that will take you on a pendulum. It can be easy to get swept up in these trends. Avoid this temptation.

There’s a saying that I think of whenever I see another of these trends pop up: Whenever everyone is going one direction, look in the other.

Pendulum swings like this tend to leave everyone going too far in one direction. Whenever this happens, the truth usually lies somewhere toward the middle. If you see the pendulum swinging between one extreme and the other, realize that the one extreme will work for some, the other extreme for some others, and for most something in between will work best.

Don’t ignore these trends but always be suspicious when you see everyone rushing in one direction. Always be willing to look in the other direction and see what they may be missing. Question these trends, especially if they are fast moving ones. Be willing to slow down or even go the other direction. You will often find that the crowd will come back your direction later, after they realize they went too far.

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