Even this year, don’t short recovery

I may be doing more “jogging and giggling” than racing this year but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take time to recover

My last planned “race” of the year is coming up this weekend. I’ll have run a total of two races this year, both virtual, and I did a stair climb very early in the year.

Meanwhile, my training also wasn’t up to the level it has been in past years.

So what will I be doing as next week starts? I’ll be recovering.

That’s right. Even though I’m doing less of what one would expect to wear on the body, I’m still prioritizing a recovery period after my racing is done for the year.

Why? Because it still matters.

Just because I haven’t placed the same level of stress on my body doesn’t mean I have placed no stress on it. I’ve trained pretty hard and pretty consistently throughout the year. I can still feel that my body is being taxed. Most importantly, I want my body to feel refreshed as I head into hopefully more training and racing next year.

It’s true that my recovery period this year will look different than it has in past years. I’m probably going to take fewer days completely off of running than I did last year during my recovery period. In the interest of not locking myself up in the house and turning completely sedentary, I’m also going to make sure I do something every day. However, for the coming weeks, my focus will be 100% on recovery.

I would strongly encourage you to do the same. Just because this year may be different doesn’t mean you haven’t pushed your body in some way this year. Make sure you still prioritize recovery at the end of your season. Give your body the rest it needs so it can be ready for the demands you want to place on it next year.

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