Facing the reality of this fall racing season

With the news yesterday that the New York City Marathon has been canceled, we’ve now seen Boston, Berlin and New York taken off the 2020 calendar. Chicago and London (currently rescheduled from spring) are still scheduled to go but don’t be surprised if they also cancel. During a pandemic, it would be irresponsible to bring tens of thousands of runners from around the world together, along with workers, volunteers and spectators.

Given what the experts are saying about a likely rebound of the pandemic in the fall, it’s likely that most large events and probably many, if not most, smaller events will not be happening this year.

I don’t say this to be a downer. I say it as a reminder of the reality this year is throwing at us. Keep this in mind as you’re training and adjust your training accordingly.

Now, on to some hopefully less depressing things I’ve been reading this month…

Does the summer sun take a lot out of you? I know it does to me. On a sunny summer day, especially if I’m facing the midday sun, it just beats me up. I do eventually adjust to it and do better but all summer is a battle for me since I usually run during my lunch breaks 5 days a week.

Well, it turns out the sun does have a big impact on how your handle the heat. It’s not just your imagination or something about you. The strength of the summer sun can be a lot to overcome.

The lesson I suggest taking from this? Don’t fight it, don’t be concerned about it. Accept it for what it is and roll with the punches. Be willing to slow down or you will pay the price.

High carb diet works better than low carb in another study. The study isn’t perfect (no study is because you can’t control all variables at once) but it’s quite robust and the results are solid: a 6-8% difference in energy efficiency between a traditional high carb training diet and a low carb training diet.

Mental fatigue doesn’t impair endurance performance? There is still a lot of research that suggests it does but this is how science works. See above: no study is perfect. Is this a one off result that will seem meaningless in the long term or will there be more that suggest we need to rethink our previous assumptions? Time will tell.

Exercising while wearing a mask. Some of us might be wearing masks while running, some of us might even be required to do so. This explains some of what you might experience while wearing a mask, as well as some advice on what to wear.

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