Family first

Family is always the top priority

This past weekend, I was discussing family issues with two runners I coach. Both were facing different family situations but both needed training adjustments due to these family issues.

Note how I stated they “needed” training adjustments?

There’s a reason I stated it that way.

They needed these adjustments. They didn’t request or prefer. The reason is simple: family always comes first. For all runners. There is no other way it should be.

Family shouldn’t consume 100% of your time all the time. If it does, you will burn out and not be a good family member. However, necessary family time should always be protected. There is still time for running but you may need to be flexible with scheduling your running.

Of course, there are times when family might consume 100% of your time or very close to that. When a big event or emergency situation is happening, family must always come first. Running and, hopefully, everything else in your life takes a back seat. As I type this and I’m sure as you read it, it just sounds like common sense. However, that doesn’t stop many of us from feeling guilty about letting the running slip.

Don’t feel guilty when you put your family first. This is how it should be. Running is just running. It will still be there once the family situation is worked out.

4 Replies to “Family first”

  1. Good post!! Something to keep in mind, sometimes We let our running gets over our head, when in fact, its just a hobby!

    1. Absolutely César. It can be easy to get carried away at times, which is why it’s always important to keep our priorities in mind.

  2. Great post Ryan! I’ve found that I have better runs when I’m taking care of everything at home. Mentally it is freeing and helps me to focus when I’m out on a run.

    1. Great point Chris. I was thinking more in terms of “make sure your priorities are in the correct order”. However, there is plenty of reason to believe that, when your life as a whole is in better balance, all aspects of your life will be better. You’re less stressed, not carrying the weight of what isn’t getting done on your shoulders.

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