Health first

I’ve been hearing from a few people recently with health concerns. Either people who are getting COVID-19 tests because they are showing symptoms after being exposed (thankfully, nobody I’ve heard from has had a positive test yet) or those of you who live in the areas where air quality is affected by the wildfires.

My message for these individuals has been the same: health first, then fitness.

Essentially, I’m telling them to think of their health when deciding whether to run. If you are placing your health at risk, no training benefit is worth it. Your health should always be your first priority but, even if you want to think of it this way, your running isn’t going to go well if you don’t take care of your health first.

We know high pollution levels, like many in the west are experiencing now with smoke from the wildfires, can do serious damage to the lungs and cardiovascular system of even the most healthy people. We are also discovering that working out with COVID-19 could be a serious long term health risk.

Whether you’re dealing with poor air quality, COVID-19 or something completely different, please take care of your health first. You can always come back to running once these concerns are dealt with.

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