How to predict running injuries?

We’ve probably all heard these ideas. Over pronation causes injuries. Strength or flexibility imbalances or simply lack of strength or flexibility cause injuries.

Heck, these are things I’ve said. But are these things true? Maybe not.

Well, there are some interesting caveats offered in that article but the short story is, on the whole, it’s hard to pinpoint any specific things that increases overall injury risk. Interesting to think about.

I’ve brought up the idea of polarized training a lot in the past. Essentially, the best results tend to come when almost all of your running is done either at a truly easy pace or at a truly hard pace. There is little room for moderate paces.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for moderate paces. This was written with trail running in mind but I would argue it also applies to road running. Use moderate paces sparingly but I would argue that there is no pace that should be absolutely off limits.

Races are coming back on the calendar. How should you approach your return to racing? Molly Seidel has some thoughts. I like what she has to say. I’ll just leave it to her.

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