How you approach running is how you approach your life

Are you late to group runs? Do you miss training runs or workouts regularly?

Are you late to meetings at work? Do you miss appointments?

If you answered yes to the first pair of questions, you probably answered yes to the second pair.

If you’re late to training group runs, you’re probably also running late to meetings and appointments in other areas in your life. If you follow through with your training, you probably follow through with commitments you make outside of running.

In short, what you do in running is both a reflection of and a tone setter for the rest of your life.

If you want to be the person who is on time or early for meetings and appointments and follows through on tasks in the rest of your life, consider your running an opportunity to practice. Show up on time for group runs. Make a point to get in your planned runs.

You don’t need to be perfect. Remember last week, nobody is perfect. However, barring injury or dangerous circumstances, the more consistent you are, the better. Practicing this in your running will give you the skill to do it in all parts of your life.

Note: I first thought of this as a topic when I heard it on a podcast for coaches. I flipped what they stated, which was that how a person approaches their life tells you how they will approach running. If they are late for recruiting visits or miss calls, expect them to be late for practices or miss team meetings. The point for coaches was recruit those who don’t miss calls and arrive late for visits because those are the people who will be late for practice and not meet their commitments to their teammates. The same applies in reverse, though, and I think is a better way for runners to think about how they can work on self improvement through running.

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