Is every run a good run for you?

Not every run will be spectacular but all have some good in them

Earlier this week, someone told me to have a good run as I was heading out. The roads were a bit of a snowy, slushy mess but my response was what I often say. Every run is a good run!

We’ve had a challenging past month over most of the continental United States. Temperatures have been frigid or plenty of snow has been falling, if not both. It’s been tough but there’s still good in every run.

During every run, you’re moving your body at speeds and for durations that most people can only dream of. You’re doing something you enjoy. You’re improving your health, making yourself stronger, more fit.

Not every run is going to be a celebration of greatness. Some runs are grueling efforts. Even in these runs, though, we can find something that makes them good. We can celebrate the efforts that are going to take us to a new level. We can appreciate that we are pushing through when others would give up. Most of all, we can remember that we are doing what we love and find some enjoyment in that.

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