Know your danger zones

Stress in your life outside running will affect your running

We all have them. Certain times when stress is higher, the schedule is busier, maybe things are so hectic that even your sleep suffers.

Maybe you have a deadline you need to meet at work. Maybe something is going on at home or in your extended family. During the holidays, there are simply so many things going on that we can feel overwhelmed.

When these things happen, what do you do with your running? Do you back off or “just plow through”?

So many runners think they are being “tough” by trying to just push through these periods. But they are not. Instead, they are playing with fire.

The problem is that your body can only take so much stress. When stress in one part of your life goes up, you need to lower your stress somewhere else or you risk burnout, extreme fatigue, or injury.

If you can balance your non-running stresses by lowering stress in one part of life when stress in another part of life increases, that’s wonderful. If you can’t, though, the only safe thing to do is to back off your running.

Make sure that, during those times when stress in your life outside of running increase, you’re giving yourself a little easier time with your running. Your body will thank you.

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