Long sleeve weather and your watch

My favorite view of my watch during a run

Last week got chilly here in Wisconsin. The long sleeves came out, at least for me.

When the long sleeves come out, I love to use them as a tool for more than just keeping the arms warm.

As you’re covering your arms, you’re also covering your watch. This is an opportunity we should take advantage of.

I’ve written long ago about how we should be less reliant on our watches. The data we get from our watches can be great but seeing it during the run, not just after, can be a problem. So this is an opportunity to practice running without checking the watch.

Cover that watch with your sleeves. If you catch yourself checking, try to break the habit before uncovering the watch.

Experience what it’s like to run without always checking in on your watch. You can still upload the run and see the results afterward but, during the run, be blissfully ignorant of the numbers and instead try focusing on how you feel. You might just find a better way to run.

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