More from WADA: Jamaica and Kenya

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The regulars know I don’t want this blog to become the doping blog. I hate posting about doping because I think it detracts from the positives of the sport. That said, I’ve come to the conclusion that what the sport’s doping problem needs is to have a bright light shining on it. If I can do some part to make the light shining on it a little brighter, I will. For the good of the sport.

On that note, a couple of items broke overnight that I thought were worth mentioning.

First, WADA officials are in Jamaica. This is good news. It will be interesting to see what comes of this but it’s good to see that WADA is being proactive here in auditing a questionable anti-doping system. Of course, it’s bad that WADA isn’t getting answers. Is Kenya hiding something? Is Kenya’s anti-doping agency complicit? Right or wrong, these are questions that are naturally going to be asked. I hope WADA applies pressure until they get answers.

Second, WADA is "very frustrated" with Kenya. This has to do with the lack of investigation into the controversy Andrew and I mentioned in prior discussions. Again, I consider it good that this is being publicly mentioned. It has seemed for some time that this controversy got swept under the rug. Hopefully, this is a sign that it will again get the attention it deserves. Of course, the bad part of this news is that WADA is not getting answers. Why? Is Kenya hiding something? Not getting answers naturally raises more questions. I hope good answers come soon.

As for the case in Kenya, I see a lot of people insisting that they are sure Kenyans are clean. I want to believe them. However, if they are so sure they are clean, there’s one way to prove it to the world. Have a very stringent testing program and be as transparent as possible. If they are right and the athletes are clean, they have nothing to hide. In fact, I would argue they have every reason to be completely open and honest. Remove all doubt and suspicion by proving beyond any reasonable doubt that they are clean.

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