Recapping the Olympic marathons

This month, I’ll leave the stories to recapping the Olympics. Specifically, the marathons. What stories, one of an athlete everyone expected to dominate doing just what was expected. The other of an athlete nobody expected to be in the mix doing just what nobody expected. Both incredible stories. Both worth reflecting on and learning from.

Eliud Kipchoge has redefined the marathon quite possibly like nobody before him. In an era where the marathon was already being redefined by crazy strong performances, he came along and dominated for a decade in ways that seemed impossible in the years before. When performances were so strong that one could only expect to be on top for a year or two before the next great athlete comes along, he took over and dominated for a decade.

So how has he been able to do what he’s done? Amby Burfoot explored this question. In short: it’s complex and many factors play a role.

My only suggestion: enjoy this greatness while it lasts. While it may seem like this could just continue on forever, it won’t. When he’s done, who knows the next time we’ll see another runner like him? So enjoy this while you can.

So, how can you run more like Kipchoge? Well, first, be honest with yourself. You can be “more” like Kipchoge but, despite this title, you won’t be running “like” Kipchoge. However, there are some good tips to take out of this.

Molly Seidel is an inspiration, no doubt. I’m sharing this mostly because I’ve been following Seidel’s career since she was a high school freshman just down the road from where I lived. She has an amazing story and her incredibly unexpected medal performance was just another chapter in that amazing story. Yes, there are a million amazing stories at any Olympics. Seidel is just one of those. However, this one hits home to me and was so fun to follow.

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