Some thoughts for your New Year’s resolutions

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper month end recap. Between that and catching up from the holidays, I decided to do a special recap this week.

This recap is all about articles that might give you a little guidance, encouragement, or simply some motivation to help with some common resolutions.

Getting started again?

Did you used to work out but fall out of routine? Well, good news if you’re aiming to get back in it now: muscle memory is real. This is specifically about strength training but we also know that mitochondria, which are critical for aerobic endurance, hang around for years after endurance training. In short, you’re not just imagining things when you think it’s easier to gain back fitness than it was to get it the first time.

Looking to build a home gym?

My family and I are looking to build a home gym. With me working from home and not having the easy access to a fitness center that I used to have and my daughter getting into running enough that she wants to run regardless of the weather but not enough that she actually wants to run in the ridiculous weather I sometimes do, it was time to get a treadmill. In addition, we’re looking to get some other equipment and we just want to have a place formally laid out for other things we do.

If you’re like me, here are some tips for designing a home gym that you’ll actually want to use. Some are overkill but there are definitely design elements mentioned that will make your gym more inviting and more likely to be used.

Want to improve your posture?

Whether you’re looking to improve your running form or not, improving your posture throughout the day has some real benefits (I should listen to myself and work on this). Here are some ideas of how to improve your running, mostly but not exclusively by improving your posture throughout the day, all by little things you can do throughout the day.

More evidence running is good for the brain

Finally, something to help encourage you to stick with it. More evidence of the brain benefits of running. Not conclusive but interesting nonetheless. Unfortunately, the talk seems to be stemming toward “exercise in a pill” territory. Consider me skeptical in that regard but it’s interesting for what it does say about the potential for running to boost the brain.

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