Spring is here! Don’t get too excited

Spring is such a great time to be a runner. After putting in the work through the frigid weather, snow and ice, we get clear roads and trails and perfect temperatures! How can a runner not be excited for spring to come?

Just be careful about how excited you get about spring.

After dealing with the cold and slippery conditions all winter, it can be easy to get a little too excited about the spring weather. Some runners come out of the winter and, excited for the good weather and footing, push too hard.

After putting in such hard work through the bad conditions, they come out when the weather is nice and racing season is kicking off and end up hurting themselves. No running during the great time, racing season messed up.

Don’t fall into this trap. Enjoy the spring. Take advantage of the good weather to continue your training progression. Just don’t go overboard.

Photo credit: Cortina Dobbiaco – Run, on Flickr

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